Regular Giving to St Augustine's Mentone

It takes a lot to keep the church looking so beautiful. We are thankful for the people who serve our parish by being willing to be rostered on for the regular cleaning, washing and ironing of church property, as well as those who attend our church working bees. In addition to our time, we have to ensure we have our costs covered to pay for our ministry and the variety of services we offer, and to maintain our church property and plant.

Your assistance by changing to electronic giving is appreciated, as it cuts our costs, and it can be of great benefit to us (and to you) in ensuring regular tithing takes place from your bank account or credit card (automatically each week or month, or manually).

It is easy to set up from your bank account. You select the 'Pay Anyone' option and create an entity (ie naming it St Augustine's) and put in the BSB and Account numbers for our parish bank account, and save it to your list of 'Pay Anyone' payees. At this time, you may see an option that comes up to allow you to have money come from your account on a regular basis (ie annually, monthly or weekly) and you can choose one of these options if this appeals to you. You can decide how often and how much to give by doing it automatically, and the bank will transfer that amount of money without you needing to do anything more. 

Our St Augustine's Mentone banking details are as follows: BSB 033060 and Account 810217.


For those who need to keep stricter control of their financial outgoings, the option is there for you to tithe manually (where you calculate the amount per week you want to give and electronically transfer that each week, or if you are going away, to calculate the amount you might normally give and electronically transfer that amount ahead of time etc).

There is a small amount of space (only 14 characters) when you go to make your electronic funds transfer for you to record who is transferring the money, and this is where you might record your initial and surname, followed by a short description of what the amount is for. If you don't record your name, we won't know from whom the money has come. For instance, Michelle Pain chooses to have her giving recorded as 'MPain StAplate' on her statements, as well as those for the church (so both know who has donated the money and for what purpose). If she wanted to donate money for a particular cause at St Augustine's, she might use the same 'Pay Anyone' option for St Augustine's, but instead put 'MPain F&Y' for a Family and Youth donation, or 'MPain OReach' for a donation to go not to our church but to one of the outreach missions the church currently supports (eg Nungalinya College, Urban Neighbours of Hope or SOS Inc). You can decide when and how much to give by doing it manually, but you need to remember to do it regularly if you want the Church Treasurer to have peace of mind knowing that your funds can be counted upon!


If you are not sure how to do electronic funds transfers, one of our Church Wardens or our Treasurer can visit you at home to help you set it up, or you may prefer to visit your bank's local branch to ask them for assistance. 

Donations to SOS Inc 
St Augustine’s Outreach Services Incorporated (SOS Inc.)


SOS Inc is an initiative of St Augustine’s Anglican Church Mentone. Since February 1995, it has been operating within the church’s premises as a non-profit organisation providing group programs and direct benevolent assistance to people in need from local and surrounding communities.

St Augustine’s Outreach Services (SOS) Incorporated (ABN 74 283 627 522) is a non-profit organisation which has received Deductible Gift Recipient Status from the Australian Taxation Office. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Cheques should be made payable to St Augustine’s Outreach Services Incorporated. All donations are gratefully accepted. Our Treasurer can give you the details of this bank account if you would like to make an electronic funds transfer.


SOS Inc relies on your donations in order to provide benevolent care and group programs. 

St Augustine’s Outreach Services Incorporated Reg No A29849U   ABN 74 283 627 522

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