St Augustine's prayerfully, financially and functionally supports these charities:



          Urban Neighbours of Hope (UNOH)

        This is very much a person-to-person link via church member Dianne De Vos. It involves:

        *   Sending and supporting Dianne financially and prayerfully

        *   Partnering with UNOH in its long-term commitment to the people of Klong Toey, Bangkok’s biggest slum.


          Nungalinya College through CMS (Church Missionary Society)

        A joint venture of Anglican, Catholic & Uniting Churches which:

        *   Empowers indigenous Christians from remote communities

        *   Provides accommodation and support for indigenous students 


          Southern Outreach Services Inc, Mentone (SOS Care, the outreach arm of St Augustine's Mentone)

        Run by church members, programmes include:

        *   Groceries and toiletries for emergency assistance

        *   Parenting A to Z course

        *   Play Groups

        *   Support Overseas Students

        *   Sessions on community needs: ageing, suicide prevention

SOS Inc and SOS Care


SOS Inc is our outreach arm, and operates in several different ways. Firstly, we own and operate the Southern Opportunity Shop (at 51 Florence St Mentone), which sells second hand goods and clothing to raise funds for local community organisations. The Op Shop is staffed by an employed manager and volunteers from St Augustine's and other local churches, and some disbursement goes back to the churches that the volunteers attend.


SOS Inc also provides educational seminars to the local community. Recent examples include 'Making a will' and 'The fire hazards of hoarding'. 


Under the auspices of SOS Inc, over many years we have had expert staff running Positive Parenting courses for new parents (scroll own further for details)


SOS Care provides benevolent material care through the collection and distribution of food and other items to those who are in particular circumstances of need in the general community. Items are distributed through organisations such as Mentone Citizens' Advice Bureau.


Positive Parenting: "Parenting A to Z" Program

SOS conducts parenting group classes for parents of children up to 6 years of age. Learn skills that can help you overcome the difficulties you experience as a parent and develop positive relationships with your children. The course is conducted by Melanie Martin an experienced presenter of parenting programs.

Course Outline

  1. Understand why children behave the way they do: Ages & Stages of Understanding; Food, Fatigue & Moods; Personality Styles; Sibling Position.

  2. Sibling Rivalry & Setting Boundaries.

  3. Conflict Resolution (age appropriate)

  4. Positive relationships, achieving desirable behaviours, optimism and resilience.

  5. The importance of “successful praise”, including bright children.

  6. An overview of: Protective Behaviour, Muscle Memory, Music and Movement to enhance brain integration, reading etc.

  7. Resources include Positive Parenting Handouts.

When is the course conducted?
Conducted once each school term (depending on numbers) 4 sessions of 1¾ hours each.

Evening sessions: 7:30pm to 9:15pm

Where is the course conducted?
St. Augustine’s Anglican Church, 90-92 Como Parade West, Mentone, 3194. Follow signs on arrival.

How do I make a booking to attend?
Call Jo Allan (Parenting Course Presenter) mob 0438 690 540 to register your interest with name and contact number. When the expressions of interest have reached 6 to 8 people, you will be notified of the next available course. Individual help may be offered by phone following your enquiry.

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